The Advantage Support Ticket on Web Hosting Company

If you have previously worked with a web hosting company, you must know about support ticket. When customer encounters a problem in utilizing their server, they need to use a ticket to report the issue to the hosting provider then waits until the problem is fixed. Why does web hosting company use ticketing system to run its customer service? What are the advantages of using such system?

The Benefits of Using Ticketing System in a Web Hosting Company

Here are the reasons why web hosting company utilize ticketing system to run its customer service system.

  1. Ensure That No Request is Missed

Some companies work conveniently when handling their customer requests for support using e-mail or phone call. However, most companies tend to experience issue with the conventional technique. They tend to miss a request every once in a while. Ticket ensures that there is no request that will fly under your radar because everything is presented as list in the software. There will be a sign to help identifying whether the issue has been resolved or not.

  • User Friendly Interface

From customer perspective, ticketing system might be more desirable than the plain old e-mail. Customer only needs to go to the hosting provider’s website or log into their server account in order to file in a ticket. Filling in the ticket is not complicated at all. The process can be done within minutes. There is no need to create an entirely new e-mail body to report problem to the hosting service company.

  • Organizing Requests Better

As expected, the web hosting company will receive numerous customer service requests. Sometimes, the number is not only within hundreds. It can reach thousands, especially if the company has wide outreach. Ticketing system will help customer service officers organizing the requests in better manner. It can be organized based on time and difficulty level. That way, the officers will be able to make priority list and making sure that everything is done in timely manner.

  • Keeping History about  Issues and Resolution

Sometimes, the customer support officers encounter rare problem that ask for unique resolution. If you do not record such problem and the resolution, you will have trouble when encountering similar issues in the future. The ticketing system is able to keep record of every support ticket (which lists the issue and resolution) in the company’s database. That way, customer support officers only need to search for specific issue in the database to help their customer.

  • Encourage Collaborative Problem Solving

The ticketing software is available in real time. It means that several support officers can handle the list at the same time. Sometimes a problem needs more than one person to solve it. The ticketing system allows officers to work collaboratively in order to make sure that the problem is solved completely.

  • Efficiency of Time

Ticketing software also promotes efficiency of time. When customer uses e-mail to report their problem, customer service needs to match the customer’s e-mail address with user’s number before finally getting to solve the issue. That takes more time than necessary. With tickets, everything is already integrated to the system. Customer no longer needs to wait for days to get their problem resolution.

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How to Enhance Your Server Speed

Server plays the major thing in website and hosting. In early 2000s, having website with loading time 10 seconds was the fastest one. Today, two seconds are too long for responsive time. With smartphone and mobile devices, server should be less than one second. How do you enhance and increase server’s speed? There are several ways to answer that question.

Try These Methods to Enhance Server Speed

Well, you should know the basic knowledge related to what server does. When you access website from your computer or device, you act as client that requests data. Server is where databases and information are stored. Faster server will be capable to receive and response request from client in no time. As the result, clients will get what they want.

1. Enabling cache
Server has system to recognize cache that comes from particular client. It is like preference related to what client wants and does when accessing server. With enabling cache, server decreases time response significantly. Do not worry to start over because the request is identified immediately from cache stored in server system.

2. Simplified design and template
Complex website requires more space for hosting, storing, and processing. You have experience when accessing website with full picture, video, and fancy stuff in homepage. They look attractive, but take time until everything is delivered to client’s device. In that case, server store more data and send big information. It is not effective and efficient way because it reduces server’s speed. To overcome this situation, you better use simple template with suitable theme.

3. Operating system and application
In general, server is similar to regular computer with processor, memory, and storage. To fasten the speed level, just pick the most suitable operating system and application. Keep in mind the best OS is not about the newest one, but capable to make server faster. Today, server may have open source or proprietary operating system. Each has pros and cons, so choose the one that provides faster speed. Operating system will go side by side with application and software installed in the server. If there are two kinds of software with the same function, pick the most efficient one with lowest memory.

4. Database optimization
To enhance server speed, you can start from database. Server does many things from storing, processing, retrieving, and sending data. In this case, you need to optimize the database as efficient as possible. Quick processing shows how efficient the server can work.

5. Hardware upgrade
If you ask person with no background in technology about enhancing server speed, the most common answer is to get the new device. Well, new computer comes with better and faster performance. That’s the fact that you cannot deny. You will spend much cost for upgrading hardware, but it’s very worth it. With new hardware, the speed is faster and it’s capable to send data more efficient. If your budget is limited, start from small portion like replacing HDD to SSD. Therefore, the latest hardware delivers the fastest server at all.

Five Reasons Cloud Hosting will Change the Way you think about Website Hosting

Five Reasons Cloud Hosting will Change the Way you think about Website Hosting

Cloud Hosting or Cloud computing had been well developed for many years and many companies realized that this is a great way that is more efficient that the other traditional IT infrastructure. There are five main reasons why you have to choose Cloud Hosting and it will change the way that you think about website hosting. Below is the further explanation that we will share.

Faster Disaster Recovery

Some years ago, most companies had to use off site data back up to be recovered from a problem. By using Cloud hosting system, a company will back and run only on some hours after a problem or disaster occurred. It is because all the data had been already kept and accessed off site.

Cloud Hosting Offer More Applications

When bandwidth became cheaper and cloud hosting was wider, bigger area of cloud hosting will be available. Market will be grown larger and there will be more special software that can be accessed with cloud hosting or cloud computing. It will help you to reduce the cost of software for some companies with cloud basis on their system.

Cheap Cloud Hosting Better Storage Optimization

Cheap cloud hosting or cloud computing offers much better storage optimization. This is the next reason that we have to note. The cloud bill service is managed with how much data storage is needed. It will make a better data compression technique and somehow it can make a cheaper cloud hosting. More efficient technique size of data reduction is claimed as a cause to help some companies to press their data.

Cloud Based Analytics

Cloud based analytics becomes the next reason that cloud hosting can change your site about web hosting company. Many companies relied on analysis for making certain documents. Unfortunately, mostly they just can rely on yearly data information. On this case, cloud hosting or cloud company offers some data analytics for report per report. So, the system is not by paying the cost at the end of month. This is a good efficiency in economy that should be realized by the companies because they just need to pay based on the data that are used.

Shrinking on Site IT Departments

The last reason is shrinking on site IT Departments. This IT On site department will be reduced slowly with IT Support that is centralized to the cloud. This reducing application that is locally run means less IT people that are needed to support the usages. The support of IT Staffs will be limited on hardware support and infrastructure network.

In a conclusion we can say that whatever the needs for your IT Company, there is a solution with cheap cloud hosting basis to make your IT infrastructure is cheaper and more efficient to run. This is also a power that you have to use in order to compete with the other companies. It is because nowadays there are a lot of companies that realize this thing and start to use the cloud hosting.

Ultimate Guide on Marketing Product on the Internet

Ultimate Guide on Marketing Product on the Internet

Marketing your product on the internet can be a smart idea to increase the sales. It is because as time goes by the internet users are increasing and growing in number. In the other words we can say that Marketing Plan and Strategy are the important factors for supporting your business. Below, we will share some ultimate guides that can be beneficial for you who want to promote your products or business on the internet. So, check this out.

  1. First is the easiest way and it is free as well. You can do the promotion by straightly promoting your brands manually through some social media that is available today. As an example, you can promote your products and services at the Facebook groups, google+ or you can make a fanspage at Facebook and google+.
  2. The second guide is still a free way. You can do it by promoting your product on some community sites and online business forums that are existed on your country. You can make as much as member accounts on those kinds of sites to push the growth of your business. As an advice, you can also choose the community or forums that are appropriate with the products that you offered.
  3. This third way is not free. It means that you have to pay a little bit to do this guide. You can do this by making a blog or website and advertise your own products on that blog or website. As an example, you can place a banner on your blog or website or maybe you can make a review about the products that you offered. However, make sure that your blog or website has a high traffic so it can be easily founded by the users.
  4. The fourth guide is more costly by placing a banner on the other people’s websites. You can do it by searching on the internet about some blogs or websites with high traffic. However, you have to also remember for choosing the blogs and websites that are appropriate with your own products. After that, you can call those websites or blogs’ administrator and make a deal to work together and place your banner.
  5. Advertise on Google adwords is the next guide that you can do. This way is perfect for both the big or small advertiser. This is the most popular way for marketing and advertising a product. It can push your online business popularities on your local place or even globally and it can be appropriate with the market target of your products. Doing this guide is also an effective way to make an effective and efficient promotion. Try to advertise on Google adwords and you can make the users’ target, daily list, relevant keywords, demography and many more. For further information about how to make an advertising by using Google adwords, you can browse the internet and search all the information that you need.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Many web hosting companies offer some different facilities and features with different price as well. That is why; as user we have to be detail in choosing a web hosting company that can fulfill all our needs. Actually, there are some factors that we can consider before we choose a web hosting company. Below are the further details.

Factor 1: Price

We cannot deny that price is the main factor that becomes a consideration in choosing the best web hosting company. However, price can’t be the only factor to choose a web hosting provider. When there was a company that offers too cheap price, you have to remember a statement that you will get what you pay. That saying is true. One thing that we want to say here is that choosing a web hosting company that offers too cheap cost is not a good option, especially when you had an aim to earn some moneys from your website.

Factor 2: Specialization

It is a fact that not all web hosting companies can fulfill the needs of the customers or users. Some companies are only offering shared hosting and don’t have great solution to grow a business. Meanwhile, the other companies have great solutions for only the big companies and not appropriate for small business. That is why; you have to take a look at the specialization that is offered by web hosting company. Choose a company that will give a special need just like what you want to get. Besides that, searching a lot of information about the company is also a good thing to do.

Factor 3: Technical Support

The best Web Hosting Company is used to have a good technical support that is consisted of fast help from the experts that are provided by that company. That is why; this is an essential consideration that you may not forget in choosing the best web hosting company. Fast and professional technical support will be helped a lot when you a problem occurred such as down and error problem. Choose a web hosting provider that provides 24/7 technical support from some tools such as email, telephone and live chat. Make sure that those tools worked really well and they can help you quickly.

Factor 4: Add-Ons or Features

The next factor is that you have to know in choosing the best provider is about features or add ons. You have to know all features that they offered and some probabilities of incentive that the companies can give to make your website are more interesting. Some features that you can ask them are about the data center, energy saver feature or the other added features such as continue backup or free domain privacy. It is because a web hosting company is sometime offering more than a server. If you could find some feature that they offer can fulfill all your needs, so it is a good idea to choose that web hosting company.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best WordPress Web Hosting Company

WordPress is software for blogging or CMS (content management system) that is really popular at the present time. A data showed that WordPress gets 40% market share from the whole CMS users in the world. This is a fantastic result because its closest competitor, Drupal, is only getting not more than 2% from the total of market share in popularity aspect. In the other words we can say that WordPress has great and powerful power for many bloggers, e-commerce and many more. Many interesting and easy features that are offered by WordPress attract a lot of companies for using WordPress and this thing triggers many WordPress Web Hosting Company appears. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to choose WordPress than the other CMS.

With much WordPress Web Hosting Companies that we can find nowadays, choosing the best one is maybe a really difficult thing to do. Especially for a newbie or a beginner that is new on this world. However, you may not be worried because we ill share some of the easy teps in how to get ony the best WordPress Web Hosting Company that will mean a lot for your websites. Below are some quick tips that you can do in order to choose only the best WordPress Web Hosting Company.

  1. WordPress works really well with Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. That is why; you have to make sure that you choose the web hosting company that provides these kinds of web hosting type. Choosing the best web hosting company will protect you from some problems such as the incompatibilities that maybe related with the WordPress and Plug In usage.
  2. WordPress Web Hosting Company has to support the newest PHP and at least it supports PHP 4.3 Web Hosting. This is something that you have to consider. There is also a support of MySQL 4.1.2 or maybe more.
  3. The best WordPress Web Hosting Company needs to have mod_rewrite to be activated on a server.
  4. Makes sure that a WordPress Web Hosting Company doesn’t make any rules or boundaries about file accessing rights such as you have to avoid a wordpress web hosting company that states “all the scripts have to use 755 file permissions to execute”. It can give you some frustrations and problems along the installation probes and Upgrade Process of WordPress.
  5. WordPress will work really well on a paid hosting company. Why? It is because all the PHP Functions that are essentials to use are activated. If you used a free web hosting company, there will be a bigger possibility where you may not get a maximum result because there are some certain functions that are limited. That is why; it is better for you to try to make a website with CMS Wordress base in a web hosting company that is provided premium for the owners of a website.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Linux Web Hosting Company

Linux is a kind of web hosting that is used by many users. That is why; there are so many Linux Web Hosting companies that we can find nowadays. Each of them offers some different services and prices for attracting a lot of users as much as they can. Now, the question is that “Which one is the best?” Yes, we know that choosing the best Linux web hosting company is not an easy thing. However, there are some tips that we will share below to make you easier in choosing the best Linux Web Hosting Company.

  1. Considered about the Support

The support service of a web hosting company is a core or the main part of this service provider. It is based on a fact which the things that are sold by Hosting companies are not the piece of spaces on harddisk, software or bandwidth, but it is a support service. This thing can also differ the free and paid hosting where you will pay the value.

  1. Hosting Features or Facilities

It means nothing if you subscribed a hosting company but you cannot use some applications that you need. Commonly, a Linux Web Hosting Company has to provide some standard application, software or libraries that are needed by most users. Some other features that are owned by a hosting company are such as antivirus and atispam. So, you have to pay attention on this thing.

  1. Backup Service

Back up is one of the factors that you have to consider in choosing a Linux Web Hosting Company. Why? It is because usually some data on server (included email and database) are the only data copy that is owned by users. It is better for you to ask the company about some important things such as how often they back up the data. You have to avoid the Linux Web Hosting Company that is not having a clear information about the policy of backup and for the companies that just do this back up process once in a week or maybe once in a month. A good Linux Web Hosting Company is a company that always has a routine data backup.

  1. Server Stability and Uptime Network

If you had a really important website, it means that you have to consider about the stability and uptime of a Linux Web Hosting Company. There are so many things that can be the evidences on this case such as network machine, security software, computer configuration and many more. A server security is also a thing that you have to pay attention. It is because a server that is always hacked will have more possibility to down or even losing some data. This is something that will disturb the server operation really much. Server that always sends some spam will be blacklisted by the other servers. That is why; make sure that you choose the Linux Web Hosting Company that has good server stability and of course a good uptime network as well.