Why You Need SSD for Web Hosting?

SSD or Solid State Drive is considered to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to web hosting. Among all kinds of web hosting, SSD web hosting is preferred because of its stability and reliability. If you plan to create a website and have not decided on what types of web hosting to choose, here are some reasons why you need SSD web hosting.

The Reasons to Choose SSD Web Hosting

Well, there are numerous reasons that will convince people to choose SSD web hosting. Among those reasons, here are five most popular reasons for it.
1. It Gives You Faster Web Hosting
There is nothing more annoying than having a slow website. That’s why you need to consider SSD web hosting. This one is blessed with better performance, especially when it comes to loading the website and delivering the information to visitors. In addition, SSD does not need any movement to locate the information, unlike HDD (hard disk drive) hosting, thus providing faster web hosting to satisfy visitors.

2. It Provides More Reliability
When HDD is available in physical form, SSD is not. By not taking any physical form, the SSD becomes more reliable. It is not vulnerable to data loss or physical damage. It enhances the reliability of web hosting. The SSD is also free from lots of mechanical parts, giving more security and making it less prone to errors and damages.

3. It Gives You Sophisticated Mechanism
SSD web hosting is using more advanced technology compared to HDD, especially when it comes to data processing. The disk used in SSD is also less sensitive than the disk in HDD. Therefore, SSD web hosting is safer for your data because even the smallest piece of your website’s data can be kept safe and sound on the disk. Eventually, all these great things leas to good browsing experience for visitors and users.

4. It Improves Your Business
Overall, having a website hosted on SSD is going to provide the visitors a great experience. They can access your website easily in great speed. Of course, they will have great impression toward your website and business. Eventually, your business is going to soar because search engine like Google prefers to have fast-loaded website on the top of ranking. As the result, your website will appear on the first page on search engine.

5. It is a More Sustainable Choice
If you are paying great attention to the sustainability of earth, surely you want to choose SSD over HDD. SSD is more eco-friendly for it does not take any physical form. It consumes less energy as well.
Now, you know there are quite a lot of reasons why SSD is definitely needed in web hosting. Having a website on your own means you want the best for it. In order to protect your data and provide better access for the visitors, make sure you use SSD as this is the best kind of storage a website can probably get.

Low Price vs High Price in Web Hosting

Like other services, web hosting service has a price, and like other selling items, the prices offered to vary. The definition of the website itself is only a place of information in cyberspace and does not have a physical form as if affecting the sale value as well. So, many people prefer web hosting at a low price than the one with a “reasonable” price and more features or security. This time, we will explore more deeply about the world of web hosting, especially about the features, prices offered, and why expensive web hosting is even better than those that have cheap prices.

Web Hosting Price at Stake

Before getting into the price problem, it is good to first write about the sale value of a website. If you are not a website developer or owner, you might only see the selling value of website in terms of design and content, but it turns out to be far more than that.

For those who want to create and manage websites professionally, in addition to the appearance of the user interface and content, you also need to pay attention to the speed of access, user experience, domain name, search engine ranks, and more. Some of those might not be expensive, but if you put them together, it can create a rather big dent on your wallet.

Here are some distinct differences in features between low price and high price websites that you need to know.

1. Performance speed
When talking about websites, you will definitely gaining concern about the speed of access, and that sector is often played by either high price or low price websites. High-quality web hosting will certainly provide significant website access to its customers. Meanwhile, low-priced websites will have a long loading time; some cheap server may even crash at certain times of the day. If you want your website to have high traffic, you will definitely use high price web hosting for the quality itself.

2. Security issue
Although SSL certificate is quite cheap, certain company web hosting might not get the memo. Many of them did not want to change their security protocol to be safer, so they tend to expose their customer data to a bigger threat. Security is arguably an emergency cost, but who knows someday there is a big danger that threatens your website; you will better come prepared.

3. Reliable features
The features offered by each web hosting are diverse, but the way they offer these features can be a reference to their price. Web hosting with good qualifications will provide the best features, such as import/export features or code-testing abilities. Meanwhile, bad web hosting will even trap you to pay for the sake of first-grade features.
Whether or not a web hosting is cheap, it is a personal preference. It is only an overview of what you get from both types of web hosting. But just to be sure, you should give it the best quality for this kind of choice.

Do We Need Static IP?

Have you ever heard this term before? This static Internet Protocol is a fixed number determined to a certain computer by Internet Service Provider. This kind of IP address is different to DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) IP address which can be changed easily. The static IP address can be connected almost through any kind of devices, like desktops, laptops, routers, and phone tablets.

Some Reasons That Make Static IP is a Necessity

Well, as we know, this thing becomes the hottest trend on most businesses because they want to make a clear and definitive way for clients to access their server.

1. Stabile, Clear-Cut Identity for The Clients
With static IP Address, you can have a specific server to make it faster and easier for clients or potential clients to access your services. By using this IP Address, you will have you own domain name which will be appeared on the search engines or clients’ browser when they type it.

Moreover, static IP address gives the best endorsement way for your company. With an optimum name resolution through the wide area networks (WANs), it ensures the device that’s connected to be reachable by its predetermined host name. It is also easier for the geo-location to detect and give more accurate location by using static IP Address. You can also have your own private SSL Certificate. Another advantage of using this is that they reduce the risk of conflicting IP Address. If you are using DHCP or dynamic IP address, some addresses may be already used statically elsewhere.

2. Easily Connect & Faster Downloading
In addition, this IP Address provides a faster and easier way in terms of connecting to internet and its process of downloading. The refresh time while using the usual dynamic IP Address potentially directs to the servers’ downtime. This case will not be happening if you are using static IP address. Your business sometimes needs to accept large number of files, and this IP Address is suitable for you as it supports the File Transfer Protocol well. Clients can have a trusted way to access your server. You don’t have to worry even if the DNS server is aborted, because the static address support a way where the computers is connected directly, so the files will still be accessible. Those advantages lead you to another advantage as it means you have doubtless backups. It also serves you with more flexible manner in accessing the internet. The static address can still be easily reached even in some remote areas worldwide.

3. Handy Maintenance
Static IP Address might be the best solution for your business rather than the dynamic one since it is easier and simpler to establish, in terms of handling. The networks administrators can conveniently track the Internet traffic and determine some access to particular users using IP address identification.

With many advantages as mentioned before, now you might realize the importance of having static IP address for running your on-going business in a smoother way.