The Advantage Support Ticket on Web Hosting Company

If you have previously worked with a web hosting company, you must know about support ticket. When customer encounters a problem in utilizing their server, they need to use a ticket to report the issue to the hosting provider then waits until the problem is fixed. Why does web hosting company use ticketing system to run its customer service? What are the advantages of using such system?

The Benefits of Using Ticketing System in a Web Hosting Company

Here are the reasons why web hosting company utilize ticketing system to run its customer service system.

  1. Ensure That No Request is Missed

Some companies work conveniently when handling their customer requests for support using e-mail or phone call. However, most companies tend to experience issue with the conventional technique. They tend to miss a request every once in a while. Ticket ensures that there is no request that will fly under your radar because everything is presented as list in the software. There will be a sign to help identifying whether the issue has been resolved or not.

  • User Friendly Interface

From customer perspective, ticketing system might be more desirable than the plain old e-mail. Customer only needs to go to the hosting provider’s website or log into their server account in order to file in a ticket. Filling in the ticket is not complicated at all. The process can be done within minutes. There is no need to create an entirely new e-mail body to report problem to the hosting service company.

  • Organizing Requests Better

As expected, the web hosting company will receive numerous customer service requests. Sometimes, the number is not only within hundreds. It can reach thousands, especially if the company has wide outreach. Ticketing system will help customer service officers organizing the requests in better manner. It can be organized based on time and difficulty level. That way, the officers will be able to make priority list and making sure that everything is done in timely manner.

  • Keeping History about  Issues and Resolution

Sometimes, the customer support officers encounter rare problem that ask for unique resolution. If you do not record such problem and the resolution, you will have trouble when encountering similar issues in the future. The ticketing system is able to keep record of every support ticket (which lists the issue and resolution) in the company’s database. That way, customer support officers only need to search for specific issue in the database to help their customer.

  • Encourage Collaborative Problem Solving

The ticketing software is available in real time. It means that several support officers can handle the list at the same time. Sometimes a problem needs more than one person to solve it. The ticketing system allows officers to work collaboratively in order to make sure that the problem is solved completely.

  • Efficiency of Time

Ticketing software also promotes efficiency of time. When customer uses e-mail to report their problem, customer service needs to match the customer’s e-mail address with user’s number before finally getting to solve the issue. That takes more time than necessary. With tickets, everything is already integrated to the system. Customer no longer needs to wait for days to get their problem resolution.

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