The Latest of Dotnetnuke Version

Dotnetnuke is CMS platform using .NTE framework in Windows-based operating system. It is open source as tool for web creator, designer, and developer. As you know, there are many CMS with similarity and difference. What are the benefits in using Dotnetnuke? Well, the latest version receives updates and upgrade to adjust with recent internet technology.

Exploring the Features in Dotnetnuke

Before going further, you need to know about CMS or content management system. It is platform that becomes the top tool in website development. You do not need to worry about complex coding. CMS simplifies website development because it uses ‘what you see is what you get’ technology. To add content, you just write directly as similar to writing email with word setting. To change the default layout, just replace the old theme with new one. Website needs particular widget, such as advertisement bar, chatting box, multimedia area, etc. To fulfill such needs, CMS has a module.

1. Skin and theme
Skin and theme is the part of appearance and layout. Dotnetnuke uses default skin for standard website. After users upload the content, there is feature to see what website looks like. Default layout will appear immediately and that’s what viewers will see when accessing your website. Skin is related to color and appearance, but the theme focuses on layout. Both go side by side to deliver overall look on website.

What is layout in website? When accessing certain website, homepage is divided into several sections. The content is mostly at center while the menus and hyperlink will be at the top or left. There is also section for advertisement, announcement, and copyright disclaimer. Website also has area for interactive menu. Those are the parts of layout that are available in one theme. If you want to get different layout, you need to utilize new skin and theme in Dotnetnuke.

2. Pages and module
Page is area where users put the content. Dotnetnuke gives flexibility to adjust the page. You may change font size, font type, attach file, add picture or photo, embed with video, etc. When adding content, users upload automatically to server. In layout, you see many parts that easily customized. That’s called module because it acts as single object. You can modify, edit, delete, replace, and add the new one. Module is the key where users can create many type of website. You need chatting box and module for that purpose.

3. Safety and security
Safety and security aspects play the crucial thing in website. Nowadays, internet has much dangerous stuff, like hacking, virus, scam, malware, and Trojan. How does CMS handle such situation? Most of CMS users are not knowledgeable in internet security. As it mentioned above, they do not know much about coding. To overcome security issue, developer enhances features related to this aspect. You will get the best and safest safety and security in the latest Dotnetnuke version.

CMS helps web developer to shorten unnecessary task. For installation, you need to visit official website and choose the standalone installation. This CMS is only available on Windows, and the latest version is recommended. For your information, Dotnetnuke needs preliminary application for local server and host. Make sure to install them before starting to design and develop the website.